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Artificial Intelligence and Big Data CSA for Process Industry Users, Business Development and Exploitation

After two and a half years, the AI-CUBE Project ends. The work done over this time has resulted in the AI-CUBE Guidelines for AI & BD in the Process Industry, giving the reader specific recommendations on applying AI and BD in the process industry to guide researchers, managers, and operators in implementing these technologies in the 10 SPIRE industrial sectors. It covers:

  • The current state of the AI and BD technologies implementation in the 10 SPIRE industrial sectors
  • The AI-CUBE Maturity Model and the current AI and BD technologies status quo
  • The implementation path, the main barriers faced when implementing AI and BD solutions, and how to overcome them
  • The value proposition of AI and BD solutions in the process industry
  • AI and BD-driven innovative trends and business models
  • The future of these technologies has been incorporated based on different future scenarios and other roadmap initiatives

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